THE CLUB GOES ON!!  Yes despite the loss of our old clubhouse in June 2017, the club has not been affected and all our gear was out of the building.  In fact, in the medium term, this may be of benefit to the club.  So check out our program and join us for sailing.

The people at Nowra Community Sailing Club are passionate about sailing – a sport of strategy, fitness and fun. Almost anyone of any age can learn how to sail in a day or two, however once learnt the sport of sailing takes a lifetime to master, offering new challenges with each shift of the wind. Dingy sailing can be a solo sport or for the whole family.

If you would like to give sailing a try the people at Nowra Community Sailing Club would love to share their passion for the sport with you. Contact Bill Jauncey or 4234 1583 or Wayne Norris 4423 7068 to organise a Saturday to head out on the water.

Nowra Community Sailing Club sails most Saturdays from mid October , starting at 2.15 pm.    Click on the ‘Sailing Programme‘ in the black bar above so you can put the dates in your diary/phone/tablet.

Nowra Community Sailing Club is located immediately south east of the road bridge, on wharf road. Turn at the helicopter on the pole, then left, then left again. It is only a few hundred metres from the helicopter.

Nowra Community Sailing Club uses a modified VYC yardstick, modified to reflect the nature of our courses and the international yardsticks where international classes, particularly Finns and Lasers, are sailed in large numbers.  We sail Spirals,  Finns, Lasers,  Manly Graduate, and Hansas . All classes are very welcome.

We sail laps of the course so slower boats /sailors can do fewer laps and still finish with the fleet and enjoy the camaraderie with other sailors after the race, rather than be left to complete the full course while everyone else packs up.  The times are then adjusted and the yardstick and handicap applied.  So if you do not feel comfortable with your racing ability you can still race with us.

5 Responses to

  1. Nigel Helyer says:

    Hei Guys; how many Finn’s at the club?

  2. Tom Ruut says:

    I have moved into the area from Canberra and will sail an Aero.

  3. peter Eslick says:

    Great Photos, Friendly people and very welcoming.

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